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Joe & Nada Kelley

I was a sinner and enemy of God for almost 40 years. A drunken, chain smoking, lustful, lying sinner for 22 years with marriage and business problems. I was in jail a number of times for DUI. 
In 1969 my wife started going to Pinole Baptist Church, I met some of the men there and the Pastor befriended me. 
In 1972 nearing my 40th birthday, I was sitting in a bar in San Francisco, their mirror behind the bar said to me
"Your life is going down hill and there is nothing you can do about it!  I answered I can't but I know a man who can!" 
I got up and went to the restroom and asked GOD the Father through belief in Jesus the Son to remove all desire for alcohol and sins in my life and left there .
God had changed my life, In the year following I started attending Pinole Baptist Church. I was given a Bible and I read what God had given for us, HIS WORD. I have been trying to follow Him and serve Him in whatever way I can. I thank God the Father, Jesus my Saviour, and the Holy Spirit for this change.John 8: 31-32
31)Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word,then are ye my disciples indeed;
32) And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


I was raised in a Christian home.  We went to Sunday School, both Sunday morning and night and Wednesday night prayer meeting.  We had Missionaries that came to our little country church to have Vacation Bible School and would take us to camp.  I was saved when I was 12 years old, and again at camp when I was 15.  My dad questioned me about my salvation.  He believed you could lose your salvation.  So I thought I’d better be saved again just to make sure.  I struggled with this belief.
I met Joe in Washington DC where I was working.  We dated for a few months.  He was getting out of the Army and going to a job in CA.  He asked me to marry him.  When we got to CA I started going to a Baptist Church.  The Pastor showed me in the Bible and explained eternal security.  John 3:15 and 1st John 5:13.  I was baptized for the first time and it really seemed to seal everything.  Joe was transferred to another town and I started going to a liberal church, although it was the same denomination.  I quit going after a while.  I started letting circumstances get me down, Joe’s drinking was getting worse.  I was getting BITTER not BETTER.I took the kids and left.  After a few months he came by my apartment and asked me to go to San Francisco with him.  He and his partner were going up there to start a business of their own.  He made all kinds of promises to me, like before.  I decided to go.  We went up there and were sitting in a park reading the paper, trying to find a house to rent.  It was Sunday morning and I heard church bells ringing.  The Lord spoke to me and said if you will get back in church everything will be all right.  I told the Lord that I had looked all over Southern CA and couldn’t find a good church.  He said, “Trust Me!”   We went with a Real Estate lady to find a house.  We passed by this little Baptist Church and it seemed to jump out at me.  We kept going and I was thinking that little church is too far.  We found a house and moved there two weeks later.  I had seen a convenient store right outside our track of homes.  So I walked there the next morning. I looked down the road and there was the little church.  Praise the Lord!!  I went forward the first Sunday and rededicated my life.  I started taking our four boys.  They were saved and baptized the first year.  Joe was saved in two years’ time.  Praise the Lord!!