The Promise of God


When darkness falls with little light,

our faith may falter, in a fright.

We use God's Word for guiding sight,

God's promise steadies all the night.



In the moonlight a rainbow shines,

showing God is there all the time.

As the dawn awakes, the sun climbs,

the view of God's promise is sublime!

Even when life doesn't seem to rhyme.


The promise of God is really sure,

“Be anxious for nothing” is the cure.

Just thank the Lord, we are secure,

the peace of God helps us endure.


The promise of God when alone we feel,

“never leave you,” His presence real.

In Christ's love with life we deal,

The Spirit here, a comfort, a seal.


The promise of God, in future days,

“I prepare a place,” where we stay.

Home awaits, we are on our way,

In Christ's love, our fears at bay.


Patrick Norris

Bethel Baptist Church

Inspirational Poem's